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Accurate Field Data Collection Made Easy

Replace unreliable paper-based data collection with a trustworthy digital solution that fits the needs of field personnel in diverse environments.

How It Works

Survey123 for ArcGIS is a simple and intuitive form-centric data gathering solution that makes creating, sharing, and analysing surveys possible in just three easy steps:

  • Ask Questions

    Quickly design powerful surveys and publish them into ArcGIS.

  • Get the Answers

    Enable your workforce with the Survey123 for ArcGIS mobile app to capture answers in the field.

  • Make the Best Decisions

    Analyse answers from the field in real-time to support decision making.


  • Anytime, Anywhere

    Capture data anytime, anywhere with the Survey123 for ArcGIS app. It works on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop as a native app and also in your browser.

  • Smart Surveys

    Design surveys that speed the collection process with predefined questions that use logic and provide easy-to-fill answers, embedded audio and images, and offer multiple languages. Survey123 for ArcGIS supports the XLSForm specification.

  • Security

    Learn more about security in ArcGIS. We take it seriously, so you can focus on your own tasks. Alternatively, you can host Survey123 for ArcGIS in your own IT infrastructure, with ArcGIS Enterprise, and take full control.

  • Built into ArcGIS

    Combine the power of smart forms and geography! Data captured in Survey123 for ArcGIS is immediately available in the ArcGIS Platform to optimise your field operations, understand your data and make the best decisions, and communicate and share your work.

How It's Used

Public Health

Controlling infectious disease outbreaks requires the coordinated efforts of government, NGOs, citizens, and private businesses. Survey123 is designed to meet this challenge by providing a straightforward and intuitive app anyone can use to begin collecting data with minimal training and on any device. Read the case study.

Public Safety

Protecting the public from drunk drivers requires a highly visible and widely publicized strategy. Using Survey123 at sobriety checkpoints, officers collected and reported results of each stop. A publicly available map showed the results and also planned checkpoint locations to deter motorists from drinking and driving. Read the case study.


Monitoring and maintenance of pipeline assets are critical activities that rely on accurate data collection. Field workers use Survey123 on their familiar devices, with little training, to report detailed information back to the office where it has proven to yield significant cost savings over prior paper-based workflows. Read the case study.


Refugees living in extreme poverty are vulnerable to illness, including skin conditions that can lead to lifelong health issues. Using Survey123, Direct Relief was able to triage treatment for over 1,000 refugees in Syria to more effectively administer aid. Read the case study.


A storm rolls through rural West Virginia, leaving a trail of destruction. Within 90 minutes, using Survey123 for the first time, emergency responders created a damage assessment survey. They then used it to collect, map, and share critical data, including photos, to document storm progress and to assist recovery efforts. Read the case study.


Asset inspections provide vital knowledge about the health of water utility networks, including compliance with regulations. Survey123 enables rapid deployment of smart but simple to use asset inspection forms that make field staff expert inspectors. Read the case study.


Hands-on discovery is a wonderful way to learn. Survey123's simple interface makes precise data collection possible for K–12 project-based learning. Students are engaging with the community and local government in projects that allow them to do real fieldwork! Read the case study.

Population Census

Reporting of national populations is a massive data collection project with census takers visiting households, working person-to-person, across the nation. Survey123 is a mobile app that enables anyone to perform form-centric, accurate data collection in the field, even disconnected, then return the data directly to a secure environment for analysis and reporting.


Using crop scouting methods, farmers monitor crop vulnerability to pests and disease. Survey123 improves crop scouting analysis by enabling producers to record observations in the field, map the data, and recognize crop risks before they impact harvest yields.

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See how you could apply Survey123 in your business.

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