Project Delivery

Our overarching approach to implementing geospatial solutions in any organisation is one that affords the organisation the opportunity to think big but to start small, thus evolving the use and application of geospatial information over time. This is different to other approaches that may seek to adopt a ‘big bang’ approach to project delivery proposing that geospatial information gets embedded into all of your business systems and processes from the outset. 

In our experience, the latter approach, unless there is a mission critical need (a burning platform), is impractical, time consuming and in most cases prohibitively costly. It can inhibit, and damage, the uptake of your project across the organisation. Scarce resources can suddenly become pre-occupied and embroiled in something that they know very little about in the context of the value of geospatial systems to them. As a result these people can disengage, become disinterested and be unsupportive of the initiative and what the business is trying to achieve. 

Conversely, the ‘think big, start small’ approach will allow the customer to map out all of the potential uses and benefits of geospatial information to their business while implementing the geospatial platform. This will enable the progressive deployment of solutions as and when needed. 

Governance & Project Engagement

Our project delivery and technical governance processes are defined by our ISO 9001:2008 accredited Quality Management System (QMS), behind which sits processes, deliverables and guidelines that use industry best practice to ensure the smooth running of the development and implementation phases of project delivery. 

We generally use a combination of PRINCE2 and Scrum when delivering customer projects. PRINCE2 supplies the structure and rigour required to govern and deliver enterprise solutions. In parallel, Scrum (being an agile approach) helps to deliver results quickly and effectively, concentrating on strategic goals and incremental delivery of real business benefits while keeping control of costs, risk, quality and timeline.

Our project delivery services are provided by subject-matter expert project managers, solution architects, application developers, geospatial analysts, cartographers and other specialists who collaborate with you to define and achieve your immediate goals while helping you lay the foundation to meet future needs.

Our goal is to help you be successful. Throughout your project, our consultants will share their knowledge and provide skill-building assistance to help you become self-sufficient at managing your geospatial needs.


We have a number of ways in which our customers engage and procure our professional services. These are designed to offer flexibility to customers in the context of their budget, their resource requirements and their timelines for output.

Fixed Price Engagement

We guarantee to deliver your specified requirements for a pre-agreed fixed price fee. This engagement involves a formalised estimation process against your detailed requirements. The fixed price fee covers all phases of project delivery including requirements validation, solution architecture, system design, system build, test and implementation. The benefits of this type of engagement is that you have fully visibility of the cost upfront, fixed and guaranteed, and we absorb the risks associated with delivering your requirements for the agreed price and within the agreed timelines.

Time and Materials

We guarantee to provide the time, effort and resources needed to deliver your specified requirements. In this engagement there is no pre-agreed guaranteed fixed cost, as the final project costs will be dictated by the amount of time and effort expended. However, what is pre-agreed in this instance is the day rate at which time and effort is charged. The benefits of this approach is that you simply pay for what you use in the context of resources and time expended.

Service Level Agreement

This method of engagement works really well where there exists a strong supplier/customer partnership and where there is a medium to long term need for various professional services resources and activities. Here you pre-pay an agreed amount (minimum charge applies) and in return we guarantee you access to all of our resources at a single fixed composite day rate (reduced) for a 12 month period. The benefits of this approach is complete flexibility over when, how and what you use from us in order to delivery on your needs.

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