Esri Ireland in association with PinPoint Alerts now offer dedicated spatial data management solutions for customers that have already invested in FME® as their preferred software for managing spatial data. Together we deliver a variety of solutions and services in this area, including data audit, FME workbench development, FME one-to-one training and FME consultancy. All services are carried out by certified FME Professionals, as accredited by SAFE Software.

Increasingly, our customers need to integrate complex spatial data flows as part of their ArcGIS implementations. This includes automating the flow of data between non-spatial applications, such as CRM or financial systems, with their ArcGIS Platform. It can also include data flow from legacy GIS into ArcGIS as well as ArcGIS Enterprise to ArcGIS Online data flows.

FME can greatly assist organisations to automate the flow and movement of data in an efficient and timely manner. By leveraging FME technology within the context of the ArcGIS platform, customers can ensure that FME delivers real benefits to how ArcGIS implementations are managed and utilised.

Service Offerings

Our FME and spatial data management services can be customised and configured to provide for all or any combination of the following services:

  • Spatial Data Audit to catalog, categorise and prioritise spatial data prior to work
  • Extract, transform and load (ETAL) of spatial data into Esri Geodatabase or Feature Service form
  • Requirements driven Data Audit and ETAL in support of INSPIRE and other obligatory or legislative requirements (e.g.
  • Collation of spatial data from disparate sources for ArcGIS implementations
  • Authoring and development of automated, repeatable FME workspaces to bind systems together via Data Contracts
  • Publication of live update feeds into ArcGIS Feature Services to keep applications such as StoryMaps fresh
  • Improve existing FME workspaces to take advantage of various FME 2017 improvements
  • One-to-one consultations with spatial data managers to improve in-house FME expertise, in partnership with the ArcGIS platform
  • FME Desktop and Server training courses delivered using existing in-house ArcGIS training data from the organisation
  • Update existing ArcGIS Online data assets remotely through FME Desktop and Server
  • Create FME data logging services to generate and deliver error reports. Automatically monitor your spatial data in real time
  • Integrate FME and ArcGIS with non-spatial applications (e.g. CRM, financial systems)
  • Address matching services using FME and ArcGIS Locators with corporate address databases, including Eircode integration
  • Development of FME Desktop and Server solutions that integrate with existing ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online applications across the organisation
  • Deployment of spatial data management services using FME Cloud to integrate with ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online



Our spatial data management services are geared towards empowering the GIS spatial data manager to get the most out of their ArcGIS platform investment through automation.


Our suite of FME spatial data management services for ArcGIS is ideal for improve efficiency within the organisation.

Continuous Learning

You will also gain continuous FME upskilling through exposure to our dedicated certified FME Professional.

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