Application Support

Application support is one of our more widely used services. Application Support provides 'fix on fail' for the applications that have been commissioned for your specific needs and form part of your geospatial platform. Our Application Support team brings together the spatial expertise, knowledge and understanding of your solutions to provide you with the peace of mind that any issue you encounter will be resolved. 

The Application Support team work under an agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) that has the core objective to answer questions quickly and resolve issues efficiently, minimising any operational disruption to you and your stakeholders. Our standard application support can be enhanced with our extended support and/or premium support services to provide for either a 'point in time' extended support function or a full 24x7 support arrangement respectively.


In conjunction to dedicated and specific application support as described above, such support is dependent on standard core product support and can be augmented with extended support and/or premium support services where appropriate to the customer’s needs.

Standard Support

All of our core products are covered by a technical support and software maintenance agreement. As part of your initial product purchase your first 12 months is automatically covered for technical support. Thereafter you have the option of renewing this agreement on an annual basis. Technical support provides for unlimited access to our support helpdesk and software maintenance provides for ongoing major and minor product updates. Please see here for our support and maintenance brochure.

Extended Support

From time to time our customers request access to our standard support service for specific times outside of our normal support service hours (9:00am - 5:30pm). These requests are usually for a specific/defined period of time or activity (e.g. a weekend upgrade), or can also be a permanent extension to the core hours (e.g. 8:00am - 8:00pm). Our Extended Hours Support service has been designed these occasions and can be configured and customised to your exact support needs.

Premium Support

Our premium support service is specifically aimed at our larger enterprise customers who are developing, implementing or supporting mission-critical infrastructures and applications. It provides options for those customers who require either 24x7 support, long sustained periods of support outside of core hours, faster resolution times or ongoing support for retired versions of the ArcGIS platform and/or product portfolio. Our premium support service is provided as a fixed annual price on top of standard, extended and/or application support as appropriate.

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