Professional Services

Through a strongly held belief that geographic information makes a difference, our professional services team will ensure the success of any individual, group, organisation or company that has a business problem or need that can be solved through a greater understanding of location, place and geography.

"The consultants from Esri Ireland were very capable and exceeded our expectations. They didn’t have narrow technical skills; they were good at understanding our business context and helped us deploy exactly what we needed. "

Mainstream Renewable Power

We will do this by using our people’s knowledge, knowhow, skills and expertise to deliver superior value through a unique blend of customer focused services delivered on a world class market leading brand, which when brought together will ultimately drive customer success. Our ability to put the customer at the heart of what we do, to clearly understand how we can address your challenges and needs, and as a result to ensure that we deliver a successful outcome in a cost effective, value driven, collaborative manner, determines the efficacy, strength and value of our services to your business. In our experience the most successful business solutions are created by the customer and supplier working in close partnership - each contributing their experience, ideas and expertise to ensure that the final solution meets the organisation’s requirements and exceed their expectations. In light of this we always seek agreements and relationships that are mutually beneficial; we practice effective listening to ensure that we understand the needs of our customers; and we consistently find ways to leverage individual differences to create a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Types of Services

Our full range of professional services are targeted at the corporate and enterprise level and are designed primarily around the design, implementation, setup, configuration and integration of geospatial products, web services, workflows and processes.

  • Business Process Analysis and Business Value Assessments
  • Functional & Non-functional Requirements Gathering
  • System Design and Solution Architecture (On-premise, Off-premise, Hybrid)
  • Software, System & Solution Installations
  • Geospatial Infrastructure Support, including full managed Services
  • Standards based web services (OGC compliant)
  • Spatial data management, analysis and loading
  • 3rd Party application integration
  • On-site and Off-Site project delivery
  • Bespoke Application Development
  • Database Development and Analysis (SQL Server, Oracle & PostgreSQL)
  • Project management (Prince 2, ATERN)
  • Knowledge & Skills transfer (Onsite and Offsite)
  • Systems, Solutions, Applications and Performance Testing
  • Technical Support Helpdesk for core product related support and Applications Support queries

ArcGIS for Desktop & Maintenance

With ArcGIS for Desktop & Maintenance you get so much more than software. Download the brochure below and take a look at the extra stuff you can access with your subscription.

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