Featured Maps

Vhi Women's Mini Marathon 2017

Created by An Garda Siochana Special Events Office.

Donegal Winter Gritting Map

As temperatures begin to drop keep an eye on gritting routes in Donegal.

Cavan County Council Online Planning Search

The mapping system displays all planning applications for the last 10 years.

Monaghan County Council Interactive Mapping Planning Enquiry System

Find up to date planning info for Monaghan County Council.

Louth County Council Planning Finder

Louth County Council has implemented a new intuitive map based planning application viewer.

SEAI Heat Demand Map

Estimated Annual Heat Demand in 2015.

Dublin Marathon 2016

Event info for Dublin Marathon 2016, including distance markers, first aid stops and cheering zones.

Croke Park Match Days

All you need to know about Croke Park on match days, a map from An Garda Siochana.


Mapping the 1916 Battle of the Somme.

Traffic Management Bloom Festival 2016

Plan your journey to Bloom Festival using this Traffic Management App.

Litter Quantity Survey 2015 Results

Waterford City and County Council litter survey using Collector for ArcGIS.

1916 - 2016 Centenary Commemorations

Donegal's Programme of events for 1916 Centenary Commemorations.

NIHE Owned or Maintained Interfaces in Belfast

NIHE have developed a web application that can identify and locate all the interfaces maintained by the Housing Executive in Belfast.

Waterford beneath the Waves

Discover a new 3D view of Waterford. What features lie on the seafloor? How were they discovered?

Atlantic Salmon: Against all Odds

Wild Atlantic Salmon are a resource under threat. With numbers in decline their conservation and protection is more pertinent than ever.

Buying Property in Ireland

Buying a house in Ireland? Check out authoritative public spatial data sets made available here through GeoHive.

Mourne Cooley Gullion Geology and Archaeology Tour

Story Map of the rich heritage and geology of the MCG region.

Irelands Call - to return its global diaspora home

One of the winning maps for our Maps Make Sense 2015 challenge.

National Ploughing Championships

Site map of the National Ploughing Championships from An Garda Síochána.

SEAI Geothermal Mapping System

Get Geothermal data for your area with this mapping system from SEAI.

SEAI Wind Mapping System

SEAI’s Wind Atlas is a digital map of Ireland’s wind energy resource.

Taynah Fernandes Around the World

Taynah Fernandes, Esri Ireland placement student mapped out her journey to Northern Ireland and beyond.

Special Olympics World Summer Games 2015

Check out Team Ireland and where they will be competing around Los Angeles.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale Catch Up Map

A round-up from Season 5 Game of Thrones. We've plotted all the main action on an interactive map.

Breathtaking Lighthouses of Ireland

A beautiful Story Map shining a light on 12 stunning Lighthouses around the Irish coastline.

The Hills of Donegal

The Hills of Donegal come alive in this Story Map and 3D Scene.

Royal County Down in 3D

The Irish Open is happening this weekend at Royal County Down, take a look at the course in 3D.

Seed mussel settle on the South East Coast

Irish Sea Fisheries Board present mussel settlements via their featured story map.

Heritage Buildings in Donegal

A story map of heritage buildings in County Donegal. Take a look at the story map and plan your heritage trail in the North West.

Mt Everest BaseMap Webscene

View the location of base camps around Mt Everest.

London Marathon 2015 Route

Take a look at this step-by-step guide to the annual race.

Roadside Art of Ireland

The location of art installations alongside national roads mapped out by the National Roads Authority.

Kilkieran Bay Marine Life

Go underwater with INFOMAR for a close up look at marine life of Kilkieran Bay.

Follow St Patrick's journey

Follow St Patrick's journey around the world with a story map created by SPACEial North West.

2015 RBS Six Nations Venue Guide

Your guide to where matches are taking place during The Six Nations.

50 Shades of Donegal Map Tour

A photo tour of 50 sights and all the colours around County Donegal, Ireland.