The Golden Eagle Trust

The Golden Eagle Trust Limited is a registered charity dedicated to the conservation and restoration of Ireland’s native birds and their habitats, in particular declining, threatened, and extinct species.

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The Challenge

  • The Challenge for The Golden Eagle Trust was to gain an in-depth knowledge of the pressures and threats to Hen Harries so as they could work on reversing the decline of these endangered birds.

The Solution

  • Through use of Esri's ArcGIS Desktop solution the Golden Eagle Trust was able to amalgamate data from a range of partners, this allowed them to create a single source of authoritative habitat data and begin to understand the challenges faced by Hen Harriers.




  • ArcGIS has given The Golden Eagle Trust unequivocal evidence of why the Hen Harrier is struggling to survive in Ireland. Crucially it also provides insight into how landscapes will change over time and how the Hen Harrier population will likely respond in the long term.


"ArcGIS holds the key to helping us halt the decline in Hen Harriers through evidence-based decision making and effective land management. It gives us hope that we can safeguard this iconic bird for future generations."

Ryan Wilson-Parr, project ecologist, The Golden Eagle Trust

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