Mainstream Renewable Power

Mainstream Renewable Power develops large-scale wind and solar farms on behalf of, or in partnership with, large corporations, major utilities and institutional investors. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the organisation operates from eleven offices, in eight countries across Europe, North America and Africa.

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The Challenge

  • Designing, locating and building wind and solar energy plants is a highly complex business, fraught with risk. Mainstream wanted to find a better way to manage this complexity and minimise project risk.

The Solution

  • Mainstream took the decision to deploy Esri’s ArcGIS Server technology across its entire business. The solution was implemented with support from Esri Ireland and rolled out to eight offices in Europe, North America and Africa.




  • The use of ArcGIS has reduced risk for Mainstream by helping it to manage its global projects more closely and improve collaboration between global teams.


"I estimate that we have made a 40% saving in time and will get pay-back on our investment in GIS in less than two years. GIS is as the heart of our business strategy."

John Shaw, Chief Information Officer, Mainstream Renewable Power

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