Land and Property Services Northern Ireland

Land and Property Services (LPS) is part of the Department of Finance and Personnel for Northern Ireland.

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The Challenge

  • In 2009, the Northern Ireland Executive endorsed the second Northern Ireland Geographic Information (GI) Strategy, a ten year plan for promoting and facilitating greater use of location information.

The Solution

  • Named Spatial NI, the solution consolidates hundreds of different location-based data sets, including, for the first time, information from all 26 local authorities in Northern Ireland.




  • Open, universal access to location data for all of Northern Ireland via a single GIS-based portal.


"Anyone can use Spatial NI from members of the public right the way through to government and commercial organisations. It places location information at everyone’s fingertips and delivers a vital component of the Northern Ireland GI strategy"

Suzanne McLaughlin, GI Strategy & INSPIRE co-ordinator, LPS

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