ArcGIS Online Maps Make Sense Challenge

Maps Make Sense Competition Winner - The winning map was created by Justin Gleeson of the The National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA). Entitled ‘Feeling the Pinch’, it drew on newly available census data to show the changing levels of unemployment across Dublin Electoral Divisions between 2006 and 2011.

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The Challenge

  • To coincide with the launch of Esri’s ArcGIS Online service in Ireland, Esri Ireland organised a competition called ‘Maps Make Sense’. This event challenged customers to use ArcGIS Online to create and share an interactive, web-based map.

The Solution

  • Esri Ireland’s Maps Make Sense competition served to highlight how quick and easy it now is to create web-based, interactive maps using ArcGIS Online.

  • The competition clearly demonstrated the numerous ways in which geographic information system (GIS) technology can be used via the Internet to help people make sense of vast amounts of complex data.




  • The simplicity and versatility of ArcGIS Online means that many more people – with no prior experience of GIS – can now start to take advantage of this technology.


"It was a very easy process to create an interactive map using ArcGIS Online."

Justin Gleeson, Director, National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis

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