Collaborating in construction using geospatial information - 29th April

Management of massive volumes of asset information is a key challenge for all parties involved in major construction projects.

Using the Kings Cross redevelopment by Argent as a case study, this webinar will show how instant access to shared asset information enabled:
  • Better planning decisions and programme phasing over time
  • Effective communications between all stakeholders
  • Improved collaboration between investors, developers, external partners, contractors and stakeholders.
It will describe how the use of a cloud based geospatial information system allowed teams to create dynamic, interactive asset maps linked to the project management database and give everyone access to the same accurate information via the intranet.


1. Managing the Kings Cross redevelopment

André Gibbs, Partner with responsibility for Operations, Argent (Property Development) Services LLP

2. Collaborating through geospatial information

Steven Eglinton, Director, GeoEnable

3. Geospatial solutions for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Caroline Steer, GIS Consultant, Esri UK

Date and Time: 29 April, 10:00-11:00

Click here to watch the webinar