ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud Pricing

ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to directly access fit-for-use GIS content from your ArcGIS platform. Enrich publicly available content with your own local data and create map artwork that stands out with your branding information. Download it for your Mac or Windows device. While launching in your Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator application, you can choose to sign up for Complimentary or Plus access. You can also sign in with your ArcGIS Online credentials or purchase a Creator license type to have full access of the extension.

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Includes ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud

Share your created projects with your ArcGIS Organisation once you've downloaded the extension above.

Frequently asked questions

Can I give others access to my account?

Unfortunately, this is not permitted. Each user name for Plus and ArcGIS Online accounts is intended for a single user only. If multiple people will use ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud in your company, then all users must have their own account.

Can I push my layers and web map back into ArcGIS Online and share them with my organisation?

Yes. This functionality is available when you use the Share button in the Compilation window.

Does the extension automatically update when a new version is available?

If you installed version 1.5 (or later) using a setup file that you downloaded from the Esri UK website, you'll see a notification message in the Mapboard window after you sign in when a new update is available. You can choose whether to update immediately or at a later time. If you installed the extension from Adobe Exchange, it's automatically updated to the latest version. You'll see a notification in ArcGIS Maps for Creative Cloud when it's updated.

How safe is my credit card information when I purchase a Plus account?

Esri never receives your credit card information. We follow the industry standard and use a third-party vendor called Paymetric, which is a PCI-compliant payment processor. We do not store your credit card information; we receive a token that can only be decrypted by Paymetric.

How do I renew my Plus account?

Your account is renewed and payment is automatically charged each month until you request that your account be canceled, which you can do via the Account Management page. Your credit card is authorised three days before the term end date. An email is sent during the authorisation of the credit card, and an email invoice is sent once the order is processed. Your access is extended for 30 days from the start date.