ArcGIS Field Maps Pricing

ArcGIS Field Maps is a mobile app for efficiently completing work in the field. Easily view maps, capture data, and report your location in real time, using an ArcGIS subscription. To buy a license for ArcGIS Field Maps, you must have an ArcGIS account with at least one Creator user type license. Purchase licenses for your mobile workers based on what they need to do. View pricing and talk to an Esri representative for additional support.

Includes Field Maps

Field Maps allows mobile workers with the Mobile Worker user type to add, edit, and modify asset locations and information; submit new inspection reports; attach photos; and more.


To create maps for use in the ArcGIS Field Maps mobile app, you will need at least one Creator user type in your organization.

Pair ArcGIS Field Maps with the Editor user type

Use ArcGIS Field Maps with new or existing Editor user types in your organization.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get the ArcGIS Field Maps app?

ArcGIS Field Maps is available on the App Store for iPads and iPhones as well as on Google Play.

Does ArcGIS Field Maps work with all user types?

The ArcGIS Field Maps app is included with the Mobile Worker, Creator, and GIS Professional user type licenses. These user types enable your staff to view, edit, and create map data (including attachments) as well as search and mark up your organisation's maps. 

Use ArcGIS Field Maps with the Viewer user type to view your organisation's maps.

The Editor user type can also be used with ArcGIS Field Maps to view your organisation’s maps. However, you must have the Field Maps add-on app license with the Editor user type to enable full data collection capabilities.

Can I edit data in the app?

Editing is supported in Field Maps for the Mobile Worker, Creator, and GIS Professional user types with no additional purchase. Adding Field Maps to an Editor user type license also enables data editing.

Can I work offline?

Yes, offline workflows are supported in Field Maps. Field Maps supports mobile map packages as well as offline-enabled web maps that are carried locally on mobile workers' devices, enabling full map functionality even in disconnected environments.

Can I share my organisation's maps externally with ArcGIS Field Maps?

If you want to share maps with people outside your organisation (third parties, contractors, agencies you work with, etc.), use the ArcGIS Publisher extension to create public map packages that can be opened in Field Maps by anyone—without needing to sign in with a named user account.

Is location sharing automatically enabled in ArcGIS Field Maps?

No. Location sharing in Field Maps is enabled by the addition of a Location Sharing User Type Extension. This extension is included in the Mobile Worker user type license. For all other user types, it is an add-on.

What if I need more of my mobile workforce to use ArcGIS Field Maps?

You can add new licenses at any time. The Mobile Worker user type license will enable the most robust capabilities in Field Maps. For more limited uses, such as viewing your organisation's maps in the field, a Field Maps license can be paired with a Viewer user type license. To complete field data collection workflows, a Field Maps license can be paired with an Editor user type license. 

What if one of my users of the Mobile Worker user type leaves my organisation?

User type licenses can be reassigned to someone else in your organisation. Licenses cannot be shared; each is assigned to a single named user. The license term is fixed and not impacted by a change in named user assignment, and there is no cost associated with reassigning a user type license within your organisation.