ArcGIS Community Analyst Pricing

ArcGIS Community Analyst is a cloud-based mapping solution that provides simple and easy-to-use GIS capabilities for every user.

Create visualisation projects

To create community projects within ArcGIS Community Analyst, you'll need at least one Creator User Type.

Existing ArcGIS subscribers

Frequently asked questions

What type of ArcGIS organisation user type and role do I need to use Community Analyst?

You must have a membership in your ArcGIS organisation in the form of a Creator or GIS Professional user type, which are the only user types that can be assigned a Community Analyst license. To access most functionalities in Community Analyst, you will need an Administrator, Publisher, or User role to view, create, and share content. The Publisher or Administrator role is required to create new projects. In the User role, many functionalities in the app will be accessible to you only if others in your organisation have shared a project(s) with you. Your administrator defines the different privileges and permissions that can be given to a User, Publisher, Administrator, or a custom role. A role defines the privileges that a member has within an organisation. See the roles for your organisation or contact your administrator.

Why can't I log in to Community Analyst?

If you have a Viewer, Editor, or Mobile Worker user type in your ArcGIS organisation or an ArcGIS Online Public Account, you can't log in to Community Analyst. To access it, you must have a Creator or GIS Professional user type in your ArcGIS organisation and be assigned a Community Analyst license by your administrator. Learn more.

How can I see how many credits I've used or have left?

  1. To see the status of your subscription, verify that you are signed in and are an administrator of your organisation.
  2. Click Organisation.
  3. Click View Status under the Subscription Status section. You can view information about your account including the number of credits remaining and statistics for how many credits you have used by service type.