Geospatial Services

Our experts; on Your side. Our highly skilled professional services team will guide you in the right direction with best-in-class consulting services and trusted advice that supports your mission, focuses on your success and seeks to uncover the geospatial value that is inherent in your business.

Our Philosophy


How we help

Our local professional services business is founded on the simple principle that when you are successful we are successful. Our professional services team is committed to helping our clients succeed through a combination of three “value” factors; proactive customer engagement, unique knowledge & expertise and market leading global & local experience.

More than 30 years of experience has taught us the long-term benefits of helping you tailor GIS technology and solutions to meet your organisation's unique needs. We take your people, systems and processes into consideration to help you achieve your goals. 

A GIS expert giving advice to business people using sticky notes and a gridded map

Options built for you

As a supplier of professional services, learning services and managed services we focus on customer success through the efficient and effective application of geospatial information ensuring that the combination of our products and services deliver value to our customers.

Our professional servicess team provide a variety of defined service offerings to fit common needs as well as customised services to address unique requirements. Whether supporting a small project or applying GIS at an enterprise level across your organisation, we will work with you to better understand your goals.

Our technical experts and professional consultants can help implement the best approach for you by applying proven methods to understand, plan and act based on your needs, getting you access to optimal specialists at the scale and time frame that best suits you.

A GIS consultant hosting a virtual meeting