Technology Focused Consulting

We offer consulting across multiple technical domains depending on what you need and the level of your organisation. Our consultants work directly with you to provide technical level advice, guidance and direction in the context of location intelligence and GIS.

Solution Design & Governance

ArcGIS is a system that connects maps, apps, data, and people in ways that help organisations make more informed and faster decisions. It does this by making it easy for everyone in your organisation to discover, use, make, and share maps from any device, anywhere, anytime.   

Our Design Authority is made up of industry and technology experts from across Esri Ireland and Esri UK.  This expert group of solution architects review all solution designs to ensure that they follow best practice guidelines and are in line with Esri's strategic road map for the ArcGIS Platform.

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Configuration & Customisation

As the ArcGIS platform continues to evolve, you increasingly do not always need to build your own tools and apps—rather, you can use tools that we provide and just configure them for your own use. 

These configurations of the core platform are available as templates to help you to quickly be more successful.  Our ArcGIS platform installation and configuration specialists providing focused services to enable your teams to get it right the first time.

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Software Engineering

Esri’s ArcGIS software gives organisations the power to think and plan geographically.  We develop, engineer and support the implementation of GIS technology on desktops, servers, online services, and mobile devices. 

The majority of geospatial applications and solutions can now be achieved through simple configuration and customisation. However, where there is a need to have our products engineered to meet a specific functional our software developers can help.

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Data & Content Consulting

Organisations are working with more data than ever before.  From imagery to 3D, real-time, and big data, the volume and types of data are constantly increasing. We understand that data comes from all types of sources.  Whether it's customer data, environmental data, or even sensor data, you can organise and manage it from anywhere with ArcGIS.

Our data experts can advise on data implementation, workflow automation and create analytical data tasks. These experts have a wealth of experience in establishing Open Data workflows and portals, with a variety of initiatives from the local level to initiatives of national importance.

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Contractor Services

Increasingly our customers work with us to source and supply skilled geospatial professionals who work onsite alongside your team to help optimise routine tasks, bring new ideas to life and transfer geospatial knowledge and knowhow to your organisation.

These subject matter experts will be directed and managed by you, working as an integral part of your team to effectively and directly address the needs and circumstances of your users as they arise.

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