Through our GIS as a Service (GaaS) offering, we will take on the responsibility for the strategic management, day-to-day operations and ongoing support activity for your GIS environment, leaving you to concentrate on the core business needs of your own organisation.

The Challenge of Managing

GIS is Special.  It's design, development, implementation and on-going support & maintenance requires a level of knowledge and expertise that goes beyond that required to support the standard office IT environment. 

As the role of GIS becomes more and more pervasive, accessible and easier to use, this has now challenged standard organisational IT resources to be able to provide and support the underlying infrastructure that GIS requires.

Addressing this Challenge

At Esri Ireland we are working with our customers to address this challenge. 

Our GIS-as-a-Service offering provides value to customers who, due to scale and resource capacity, can no longer manage the day-to-day running of their GIS applications. 

And to those customers who simply don’t want to take on the time, effort and cost overhead in internally managing infrastructure, skills, capability and other location-based resources required to truly embed GIS within and across their enterprise. 

Image by Bethany Drouin from Pixabay

Infrastructure Management

To support you with your Digital Transformation Programmes, we will manage your GIS Infrastructure where security, reliability and scalability are all taken care of by our managed services team.

We provide:

Incident Management
We act as your help desk, responding to and resolving issues​

Proactive Monitoring
Monitoring to prevent issues​

Platform Management
Future-proofing & environment tuning​

Service Request Fulfilment

Through our GIS as a Service team, we can resource the operational activities of the GIS function within your organisation or business.  This includes the provison of specialist geospatial skills, data and content creation & management, GIS analysis, application management and provision of resources.

All activities are managed and resourced through a formalised service request service that will scgedule and fulfill requests for anyday-to-day operational requests, new user requests, and services, apps & dashboards requests.

Enterprise Management

We provide the geospatial, leadership, management and advocacy, ensuring the highest return on your investment. This enables all departments across your business to derive value. We help with GIS strategy and visioning on geospatial enablement across your organisation.

Engagement Management
Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will work with you to “light up” your enterprise. We will govern your service and identify solutions to meet your business processes.  Working with you, we will help to unlock GIS’ business value by driving adoption and uptake of GIS applications and services.

Technical Design Advice
Your dedicated Solution Architect will provide a technical roadmap. We can design and plan how new capabilities and features can be exploited to meet your business requirements.  We will work with your 3rd party suppliers to integrate your GIS in a way that will extend the reach of your key business systems by including approrpiate geospatial capability and functionality.