Business Focused Consulting

We offer consulting services across multiple business domains depending on what you need and the size and scale of your organisation. Our consultants work directly with you to provide business level advice, guidance and direction in the context of location intelligence and GIS.

Strategy Development

Our geospatial subject-matter experts will help you incorporate location intelligence, as a geospatial strategy, into your overall business strategy.

Organisations that develop and execute a geospatial strategy are able to connect and align technology to their business needs, defining how they will use location, place and geography to achieve their goals and desired outcomes.

We deliver quick value based on priorities and define and implement sustainable solutions that solve business challenges.

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Enterprise Consulting

Enterprise Consulting helps customers expand and optimise their use of GIS through business process improvement and advanced integration with other business systems.  We are problem solvers, listeners, facilitators, guides, and trusted advisers to hundreds of Enterprise customers in Ireland. 

Our experienced consultants will advise and guide your enterprise location intelligence strategy, integration and implementation approach.  Engage with enterprise architects and subject matter experts who are experienced in designing and incorporating GIS into your overall enterprise.  

GIS is an Enterprise Platform

Needs Assessment

Any implementation of GIS technology must be preceded by an assessment of its feasibility, usefulness, and potential benefits. A GIS needs assessment serves as a useful tool to help you achieve this.  

Our experienced business analysts will help you address your needs by taking a systemised, procedural analysis and reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) that can accurately communicate your current reality and future opportunities, determining the gaps between your existing conditions (as is) and your desired outcomes (to be).

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Change Management

Change Management is a topic that leaders have been challenged with since the beginning of time. Pretty much all change faces at least some resistance.  When introducing new technology that will change how work gets done, a clear plan to support everyone through the change is vital. 

Our change management specialists will deliver the processes, tools and techniques to manage the “people side” of change in order to achieve the required business outcome.  

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Return on Investment

Justifying expenditures is an accepted part of good business practice in the private sector and, increasingly, in the public sector. ROI relates not only to how an organisation is perceived by others but what it knows about itself.

This kind of self-examination encourages improvements in processes that keep businesses profitable, government organisations effective and ultimately allows business leaders to understand the value of their investments in location intelligence.

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