Data Engineering

Transform your data with geography

Turn raw location fields into analysis ready data with ease. Benefit from tools made especially for spatial data prep. Use data from multiple sources to enable, extract, transform and enrich location values. Give data meaning when you put it into context of the real world.

Extract and prep

Clean, prep and process data using spatial tools and open science libraries. Isolate your area of interest, minimise noise and identify and correct imperfections by combining GIS, R and Python.  

Location-enable your data

Begin exploratory analysis by transforming raw data tables and data frames into accurate maps with meaning.  Convert addresses, coordinates, lines, boundaries and place names from structured and unstructured data. Gain address-level geocoding coverage for more than 130 countries and place-level coverage for other landmarks and cities. 

Enrich your data

In one easy step, join your data with Esri’s curated, global collection of demographic, psychographic and socioeconomic data, with over 15,000 data variables from more than 130 countries. Esri Demographics datasets are updated regularly and offer a strong lineage, accuracy, and completeness. 

Access ready-to-use data and content

Thousands of spatial datasets are available at your fingertips. Leverage mobile-ready basemaps and high-precision imagery. Use out-of-the-box boundary and infrastructure data to build proactive models that include real-time weather, traffic conditions and current events. 

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