Sharing and collaboration

The power of working together

Share your work with anyone, anywhere. Work with your colleagues on analysis projects, share analysis workflows, communicate results and enable others to perform the same analysis tasks to make informed decisions.


Work collaboratively and share analytical models, results, and tools securely with your team, organization, and members outside of your organisation. Empower experts to share their analysis workflows with others. Expose analytical tools to end users within engaging apps and user experiences you create.

Integrate analytics across your organisation

Infuse analytics into your organisation’s decision-making process by making your models enterprise ready and accessible. Deploy your analysis as ready-to-run tools or as notebooks from your workstation, within the cloud or behind your firewall. Run your analytical models on a schedule so your organisation operates on the most up-to-date data.

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Algorithms give you answers, but stories drive action. Help decision-makers get the most out of your analysis. Turn sophisticated analysis into compelling stories using built-in storytelling capabilities that incorporate text, images and videos. Share your narratives with colleagues, clients and the public.