Software to visualise and understand your data spatially

Create interactive maps to visualise and explore your data using Esri's dynamic mapping software. Powerful analysis tools and map styles help you discover and refine your data's story. Enrich your maps by incorporating content from Esri's rich data library. Use custom symbols and basemaps to personalise your maps. Share engaging maps that tell your data's story and influence change.

Map your data

Bring your data into a map and discover spatial relationships for the first time. Many file types are supported by Esri's mapping software, including spreadsheets, KML, GeoJSON and common geospatial files. Esri provides complete data hosting or you can host it on your infrastructure. 

Use geocoding to transform your addresses into points on a map and set up multimodal routes. Create maps that display data dynamically as soon as it is updated and improve the quality of your decisions by referencing the most up-to-date data.

Interact with your map

Interactive web maps give you and your team the opportunity to explore and update data. As you zoom in, additional data and insights become available. Click on the map to discover location-specific data displayed in charts or infographics. Filter data and change the symbology to gain additional perspectives and reveal new patterns.

Use your maps even without a network or cellular connection. Download your maps before you go and conveniently access them on your smartphone or tablet. Once you are connected again any data you or your team added is automatically synchronised. 


Understand your data

Discover and refine your data's story using a set of intuitive analysis tools, such as drive times and buffers. Smart mapping, pioneered by Esri, uses data-driven styling, colours and symbols to guide your exploration and transform your raw data into useful information. You can also understand your data better by visualising it with different map styles.

Enhance your data

Deepen your understanding and expose relationships by adding authoritative data, such as demographics, imagery, boundaries and live feeds, to your map. ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, the most comprehensive collection of global geographic information, is included with every ArcGIS mapping product.

Personalise your maps

Brand and personalise your maps using custom symbols, colours and basemaps. Make your data pop by placing it on a historic, creative or present-day basemap. You can also customise the basemaps or build your own.

Explore basemap gallery

Share your story

Create apps that enable your audience to not only view your map but also interact with the data. Choose from a variety of focused app templates and create an app in just a few clicks. Include them on your website using the convenient embed code. Each app has a specific purpose to help tell your story and keep your audience engaged.