ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World

ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World

The world's foremost collection of geospatial information

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There is always up-to-date content available in ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World in the form of maps, apps and data layers. Access this ready-to-use, authoritative content, curated and shared for quick discovery across the ArcGIS Platform. Be inspired by the collection of spatial content from thousands of organisations. Support the greater spatial community by contributing your own authoritative content to Living Atlas and engage others with the content you create.

You do the analysing, we'll do the curating.

Your time is valuable. Trust in Esri to get you started using quality location data, fast. Living Atlas saves you time with curated and prepared data layers that can be easily integrated into your GIS workflows.

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Discover the global collection of maps and map layers that can jumpstart projects. Complement your dashboards, applications or analytics by inserting constantly updated map layers or ready-to-use maps.

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Do you have a captivating Story Map, web app or data layer that you would like to contribute to Living Atlas? Would you like to enhance your local basemap with areas of interest, addresses or street locations? Get started today and see why thousands of organisations already contribute authoritative content to advance Esri's basemaps, imagery, elevation and so much more.

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