Leverage the power of location

Retailers demand precise location intelligence for sustainable growth

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Retail is a location-driven business

Retailers must have precise, location market intelligence to drive sales and engage customers

Retail is a location-based business. Best-in-class retailers are using mapping and location analytics to inform critical decisions about where to grow their business, to understand customer behaviour and to visualise and manage assets like inventory and supply chain networks. Using the power of retail GIS, analysts can develop web-based maps, infographics and analysis to inform their colleagues throughout the enterprise about performance and operations. From assortment planning to managing loyalty programs, using local data to drive global decisions is a competitive advantage in the market. 

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A comprehensive location intelligence platform for retail

The competition for your customers' attention has never been more intense. Retailers have to know who their best customers are and be ready to engage them with relevant products and services. They need confidence in their store and facility investments and in knowing that their teams, inventory and assets are positioned to meet changing customer demand. Retailers must also keep their customers, team members and stores safe and compliant with local ordinances. ArcGIS meets these needs and provides an authoritative system of record for precise local data.

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