Building resilient communities with disaster recovery solutions

Reestablish community lifelines

Build future resilience

Rebuilding resilient communities is a vital step in disaster recovery. Esri's disaster recovery solutions enable communities and organisations to express priority requirements, design reconstruction plans, provide a transparent account on recovery progress and build better resilience for the future. Use GIS to understand where community lifelines were and reestablish them efficiently and effectively.

How GIS supports disaster recovery

Understand community needs after a disaster

Enabling communities to express their requirements after a disaster is critical to a swift recovery. Esri's disaster recovery solutions offer field survey applications, community engagement platforms and preevent map data. Together these tools help communities better express requirements and expectations for reconstruction and recovery.

Rebuild communities better

Use advanced spatial analysis and dashboards to enhance and amplify your work. Plan and communicate reconstruction and recovery efforts, opening the way to building more resilient communities.

Maintain real-time situational awareness

GIS enables transparent and inclusive reporting at all points during recovery. As efforts are occurring, keep stakeholders up-to-date and show the impact your teams are having. Preconfigured dashboards populate in real time as teams acquire new data—providing a continuous picture of stabilisation, reconstruction and recovery efforts.

GIS solutions for humanitarian assistance