Why We Do It

To help people better understand the influence and impact of location, place and geography on the decisions they make.

We Believe in a Geographic Approach

To solve our most complex problems, we must first understand them in the crucial context of location. Hidden patterns, trends, and relationships emerge when you visualise and analyse data on a map.

This location intelligence provides unique insights that empower real-time understanding and transform decision-making. Beyond sophisticated maps and advanced geospatial analytics, Esri technology enables faster data sharing and more fluid collaboration.

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We Believe in Greater Insight

Business and Government are required to look for improvements in processes, customer engagement, decision making, staffing and resource allocation. It is the forward-thinking leaders who use location intelligence that can drive this innovation in their organisations.

Leaders across the world are embracing a geographic approach in their operations, are improving efficiency, increasing productivity, growing revenue, saving money, automating workflows, and meeting sustainability goals.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We Believe We Make a Difference

We help organisations maximise impact for people, planet, prosperity, and peace.  Esri special programs are designed to enable users apply geographic information system (GIS) technology for good, helping them solve the World's most complex problems.

Business and government leaders in Ireland and around the world apply Esri's technology to understand and address important challenges such as climate change, supply chain resilience, public health, and social equity.

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We Believe in a Sustainable Planet

Climate change impacts us globally—what happens in one location happens everywhere. From declining air quality to rising sea levels, diminishing biodiversity, and shifting populations, these environmental crises come in many forms. 

It's through our individual and collective actions, we can create sustainable solutions that make a positive impact on the world.  

Business and government leaders who need to understand the impacts of climate change rely on climate risk analytics and geographic information system (GIS) technology from Esri.

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Image by seagul from Pixabay