Live Green & Give Back

We are a business with a sustainable focus on environmental, economic & social wellbeing.

Statement of Intent

To be a company that positively impacts on the economy, the environment and society by Living Green and incorporating sustainability into all of our business decisions and to Give Back and improve the lives of our employees, customers, stakeholders and the communities we serve.​

Why Live Green?

We only have one planet Earth.  As a society we’re living as if we have several planets and consuming in ways that cannot be sustained. That means a lot of things have to change.

We also know that if we work together, we can enjoy just as much comfort, more security and better health, while leading lives that are enriching, fulfilling and sustainable.

In Living Green, we will seek every opportunity to do our part in helping with the current environmental challenges we face as a society.​ We will grow and carry out our business with a green mindset.​ 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Why Give Back?

The business sector has a critical role to play in contributing to a flourishing society. It can contribute financial support, customised products and expert services by harnessing its core competencies to create lasting societal and business benefits.

Esri Ireland is a socially conscious and responsible company, supporting organisations working in conservation, ocean science, climate change, education, sustainable development and humanitarian affairs.

In Giving Back, we will support and encourage all employees to take the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the wider community in a way that gives something back to society and that is motivating and life enhancing.

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

Frameworks for Action

To help us realise our intent to live green and give back we have adopted two frameworks for action; One Planet Living & GIS for Good.