Eircode for ArcGIS Online

By combining our market leading expertise in geographical information solutions with our approved Eircode provider status, Esri Ireland has created a ready-to-go out-of-the-box Eircode for ArcGIS Online offering.  

Eircode for ArcGIS Online is a medium level, multi-user, bundled package consisting of both desktop and cloud based mapping software, Eircode data and associated on-boarding services.  Eircode for ArcGIS Standard is designed to help organisations to realise immediate benefits of using Eircode data to help visualise, analyse and optimise their corporate data.  

This is achieved by combining the power of ArcGIS Online, along with ArcGIS for Desktop, with the ‘smart location’ code that is inherent in the Eircode data, enabling up to five users within any organisation to explore the potential impact of location, place and geography on their business.

What You Get

Eircode for ArcGIS Online

Eircode for ArcGIS Online is a medium level, multi-user, bundled package. It includes;

The web service Eircode supply option (five User Licence)
A five user annual subscription for ArcGIS Online
A single user license of ArcGIS for Desktop Basic

Technical Support
Software maintenance
Quarterly Eircode updates
Set-up and Deployment
Eircode for ArcGIS Online price, exclusive of VAT is €5,995, which represents a 20% reduction on the full list price if purchased separately.

Data Supply Options

As an Eircode Provider, Esri Ireland supplies the underlying Eircode database of about 2.2 million records, called the ECAD, bundled with value added products and services. Our Eircode products include a ‘geodatabase’ a ‘web service’ and a ‘locator’. Our Eircode services include both encoding and geo-coding of your existing data to append Eircode and location information.

Geodatabase. The geodatabase is a relational database made up of a series of tables modelled closely on the official ECAD data structure. The geodatabase contains all the information recorded for over 2.2 million properties in Ireland. It can be used with our ArcGIS for Desktop products to give you full access to all the intelligence of the Eircode data for visualisation, browse, query and analysis on a Windows desktop where it is installed locally.

Web Service. The web service is a single table of all Eircoded addresses. For each address it contains the exact location, its Eircode, and its official postal address in English and Irish. It can be used with our ArcGIS Online product to give you full access to this data for visualisation, browse, query and analysis on any web browser without the need for a local install.

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