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The concept of location may be new to the business world but evidence suggests there is no better way to assimilate and communicate business information and market trends than understanding and knowing ‘where’ things are. The power of location provides valuable insights for business. Knowing 'where' is a fundamental location based question that most businesses need to answer.

Eircode is but one of many location-based data sources that will help organisations to make better, more informed decisions, in the context of the 2.2 million residential and business addresses in Ireland. Better decisions can be realised a variety of different ways depending on the nature of the business problem to be solved.

Address Capture

Using our locator option you can enable extremely fast accurate address capture at your web interface. Visitors to your website need only type the first few letters of their postal address in order for the system to return a complete, clean and formatted address that you may then post into your back office systems such as CRM, from our API.

Location Based Services

Every address captured by our locator is returned with an accurate and conclusive location attached. You can instantly map this location using our ArcGIS Online system to give your staff and Customers location context and visualise that location with a variety of basemap products including OSi Map Genie which provides essential large scale detail.

Data Enrichment

Eircode is supplied with a lot of detail about each addressable property. However by knowing the conclusive location co-ordinates we can comprehensively enrich that detail with other information from our local database of CSO Census information and our global demographics database. Using these databases we can build a bespoke ‘enrichment profile’ for any address to contain the variables of specific interest to your business.

Demand Visualisation

If your business is involved in supplying property based services at location, for example – leaflet drop, fibre broadband, food or beverage delivery and many more, then knowing the actual number of properties on a street or an in an area can help you understand potential demand. We can help you visualise exactly where the demand hot spots are for your goods or services.

Workforce Automation

When used in conjunction with our Workforce for ArcGIS product you can accurately pinpoint the location of Customer visits and assign those visits to your field operatives. Your field force can pick up those jobs on our Workforce app on their device and then use the precise Eircode location to navigate to those assignments using our Navigator for ArcGIS app and complete the assigned task.

Route Optimisation

Optimising a delivery fleet or a field force so that they can make a certain number of deliveries or visits in a constrained time is a difficult problem faced by many distribution and service based businesses. Our locator option when used in conjunction with our online VRP (vehicle routing problem) solver provides the locations to be used in a time, space, capacity model to ensure your resources are optimised for efficiency. 


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