Esri Ireland is an official Eircode provider. We enable you use Eircode in conjunction with our software products and services to address a range of business problems commonly faced when using Irish addresses.

Eircode is a unique location code for every addressable property in Ireland. Your house and your place of work each have an Eircode and so do those of each of your customers and everyone else you know. The Eircode is an official code that has been assigned to each property to uniquely and conclusively define the location, postal address and other attributes of the property.

Ireland’s Eircode is a modern interpretation of the postcode or zip code often seen in other countries. The Eircode is more advanced in that it applies at the individual property level in order to overcome some of the difficulties in distinguishing between Irish addresses, particularly in rural areas.

Every householder and business owner has been informed of their Eircode, or can easily find it. This means that you can now ask your telephone callers, website visitors, or contacts for their Eircode and then enter it in your own database, spreadsheet or contact system.

Alternatively you can go back through your existing records and retrofit the Eircode to those records using our encoding and geo-coding services. 

Either way, once you have acquired and stored the Eircode for your contacts you will then have a unique identifier, a proper address and a specific location for each contact that you can use to improve your operations, planning and business analysis. 

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