Task Based Training

We believe that a task-based approach to Esri GIS technology education, learning and training offers you the opportunity to avail of focused best-practice approaches to GI workflows that complement our Certified and Authorised training courses. In addition, it provides you with direct access, focused on a specific topic, to our people and expertise. Our tasks based training approach is delivered in a “floor walking” manner over one day to a maximum of 6 delegates, and consists of the following topics:

  • Getting started with Model Builder;

  • Getting started with Python scripting in ArcGIS Desktop;

  • Introduction to the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex;

  • Projections and transformations;

  • Publishing optimised ArcGIS Server services;

  • The daily tasks required to run an ArcSDE database;

  • Managing your data formats;

  • Data quality review;

  • Using Locators in ArcGIS;

  • Choosing the right tool for your analysis needs;


  • Highly focused training ensuring you gain the skills needed where you need them.

  • Delivered at your desk saving travel costs and scheduled on demand to meet your timescales.

  • Helps to build your product confidence and expertise and increases knowledge retention following formal training.

  • Tailored to suit your specific ArcGIS workflows, business processes and underlying datasets.

  • Provision of best practice guidance to ensure successful use of ArcGIS.