Scheduled Training

Our instructor led training is provided in either a traditional classroom setting or direct to your desktop via virtual instructor led training. 

For our scheduled instructor-led training our recommended starting point for all our customers is to take the course ArcGIS Desktop Part 1 which introduces the student to and gives an understanding of the main functions of ArcGIS. This includes the creation and manipulation of a map document, geographic (spatial) data management, selection and analysis of data and creation of a map for printing. 

Once those skills are mastered, we recommend ArcGIS Desktop Part 2 which expands on the subjects covered in ArcGIS Desktop Part 1 and introduces new functions, including managing data in a geodatabase, further symbology and labeling options and the use of analysis tools and models. 

From this point forward, one may require various additional skills to help on your daily tasks. To start you on that road, we offer the course Sharing your GIS Content (An Introduction to ArcGIS Server) which helps you to acquire the skills needed to share GIS content on the Web or across the enterprise. You will learn a workflow to publish maps, imagery, geoprocessing models, and feature templates for use in Web applications that support visualization, analysis, and editing of GIS resources.

Our Facilities

Instructor-led traditional classroom courses are taught at Esri Ireland training facilities in Dublin & Belfast and at Esri UK Training facilities throughout the UK. The traditional classroom offers a rich learning environment that combines modern training facilities, small class sizes, and a policy of one student per computer. 

Our traditional instructor led training consists of lectures and hands-on exercises presented in a classroom setting. An Esri accredited Instructor conducts the training and is available for guidance and questions throughout the class. 

Upon arrangement, Esri Ireland can host a private training session for your organisation at our training facilities or at your organisation, whichever suits your needs best; we offer: 

  • Hands-on practice with the latest Esri Ireland software. 
  • Peer-to-peer learning through class discussions and group activities. 
  • Opportunity to meet and network with other GIS users. 
  • Instructor available for questions, hints and tips.  

Training Terms & Conditions