Topics Covered

Product: ArcGIS Online
Training Type: Scheduled Training
Software Version: N/A
Duration: 2 Days
Price Range: €845; £650

The course will provide you with the knowledge to: 

  • Configure your subscription to reflect your corporate identity 
  • Load and manage spatial data within your subscription 
  • Set up users and configure groups Author and configure webmaps and web applications, including how to use online geoprocessing tools 
  • Use ArcGIS Online alongside the wider ArcGIS Platform 
  • Integrate data stored in your corporate ArcGIS Server with ArcGIS Online 
  • Publish data and the results of your spatial analyses from ArcMap 
  • Utilise Maps for Office (Excel and PowerPoint) 
  • Make use of free mobile applications such as the Collector App 
  • Understand how to administer your ArcGIS Online subscription; how to manage credits and security