Topics Covered

Product: ArcGIS Explorer Desktop
Software Version: V10
Duration: 2 Days
Price Range: €845; £650

Working with the geodatabase; Types of geodatabases; Design considerations; Resolving coordinate system issues; Migrating data to the geodatabase; Creating subtypes and domains

Preparing data for a project; Scale, accuracy, and resolution; Documenting data with metadata; Georeferencing; Geocoding; Table joins and relates; Relationship classes

Designing and sharing maps; Design considerations; Layer symbology; Labels and annotation; Designing layout elements; Best practices for printing; Creating a map series with data driven pages; Layer packages and map packages; Exporting a map

Preparing maps for publishing to ArcGIS Server; Improving map draw time, Designing for the web, Analysing map performance; Including time-aware layers

Editing data; Editing workflow; Feature templates; Snapping; Digitising points, lines, and polygons; Editing feature attributes; Editing with a geodatabase topology; Versioned editing workflow; Resolving editing conflicts

GIS analysis; Types of analysis, Analysis workflow; Choosing the right analysis tools for a project; Creating graphs to visualise analysis results; Building Field Calculator expressions; Spatial and attribute queries; Geoprocessing environment settings