Audience and Goals

Product: ArcGIS Explorer Desktop
Software Version: V10
Duration: 2 Days
Price Range: €845; £650


Individuals planning to take the ArcGIS Desktop Associate certification exam, including GIS managers, analysts, specialists, technicians, and others.


After completing this course, you will have reinforced and improved the skills required to perform the tasks listed below. You will also identify areas where you may need to invest additional preparation time in order to earn the ArcGIS Desktop Associate certification.

  • Create a file geodatabase, add data to it, and define components used to ensure data integrity.
  • Assess scale, resolution, and coordinate system information to determine whether a dataset is appropriate for a given task.
  • Choose appropriate source data, layer properties, and layout elements for a given map purpose. 
  • Create labels and annotation to improve map readability.
  • Design a map that will be shared on the web.
  • Create and update feature geometry and attributes with the required accuracy.
  • Edit data in a versioned environment and resolve editing conflicts.
  • Choose appropriate data, tools, and workflows for a given proximity, overlay, and temporal analysis.