Part 4 - Sharing Content on the Web

Product: ArcGIS for Desktop
Training Type: Scheduled Training
Software Version: V10.1 & V10.2
Duration: 2 Days

In this course, you will acquire the skills needed to share GIS content on the Web or across the enterprise. You will learn a workflow to publish maps, imagery, geoprocessing models, and feature templates for use in Web applications that support visualization, analysis, and editing of GIS resources. 

The new features within ArcGIS 10 for Server are also explored. These include the new feature service which is used as the foundation for editing; working with mosaic datasets and learning how to publish them as an image service; and how “time” is enabled within the web environment. 

Your instructor will show you how you can take advantage of these existing and new features with particular emphasis on instructor led demonstrations which are further consolidated using “hands-on” exercises.