Topics Covered

Product: ArcGIS for Desktop
Training Type: Scheduled Training
Software Version: V10, V10.1 & V10.2
Duration: 2 Days
Price Range: €850; £700

  • Creating a style sheet; Introduction to representations
  • Spatial adjustment; georeferencing an image
  • Geodatabase attribute behaviour; Sub types and domains; Relationship classes
  • Geodatabase spatial behaviour; Geodatabase topology; Networks; Map topology
  • Other data types; Dimensions; Terrains; Mosaics 
  • Create a toolbox; Sharing tools
  • Overlay analysis; Spatial patterns
  • Create an online map; Run online geoprocessing tools
  • What is Modelbuilder; Model types; Add data and tools; Parameters & variables; Running models; Model properties; Labels; Model documentation
  • Temporal data; Making data time aware; The time slider
  • The image analysis window; Image Analysis display; Image analysis processing; Introduction to Spatial Analyst
  • (optional) What is Python?; What can you do with Python?;  Introducing ArcPy