Topics Covered

Product: ArcGIS for Desktop
Training Type: Scheduled Training
Software Version: V10, V10.1 & V10.2
Duration: 2 Days
Price Range: €850; £700

  • Managing spatial data: Types of geodatabase; Upgrade a geodatabase
  • ArcCatalog / Catalog: Connecting to data; Catalog options; Searching, Metadata
  • Building a geodatabase: Geodatabase elements; Feature classes; Feature datasets; coordinate systems; Import and export; Raster data
  • Data adjustment: Spatial adjustment of CAD data; Georeferencing an image
  • Geodatabase behaviour: Subtypes & Domains; Relationship classes; Topology
  • Improving symbology: Symbology types; Symbology tools; Layer files; Symbol search; Style sheets; Creating new symbols; Representations (demo)
  • Working with labels: Label Properties / Label Manager; Label classes; Convert to annotation; Maplex (demo)
  • Working with annotation: Annotation layers; Editing annotation
  • Editing and templates: Setting up an edit session; Editing templates; Editing tools
  • Working with time aware data: Making data time aware; Time slider tool
  • Data output: Templates; Data driven pages; Layer & map packages; ArcGIS.Com
  • Introduction to geoprocessing: Introduction to analysis; Geoprocessing menu; Environments & Options
  • ArcToolbox: Introduction to the toolbox; Search for tools; Use analysis tools; Create a toolbox
  • Image Analysis: Image analysis window; Raster analysis
  • Introduction to the Modelbuilder: Model types; Adding data & tools; Parameters & variables; Running models; Labels; Model documentation; Advanced model functions
  • Introduction to Python: Overview of Python and ArcPy
  • Course project: Putting it all together
  • What comes next?: Learning paths; Links;;