Topics Covered

Product: ArcGIS for Desktop
Training Type: Scheduled Training
Software Version: V10, V10.1 & V10.2
Duration: 2 Days
Price Range: €850; £700

  • What is ArcGIS? How can ArcGIS be used?
  • The ArcGIS platform; ArcGIS Desktop; ArcGIS Online
  • Introduction to geographic data; Vector data & raster data; Coordinate systems
  • Data formats; The geodatabase; Shapefiles; Managing data in ArcCatalog
  • Open a map; Map document interface, Table of contents, Layers and properties; Context menus; Help
  • Adding data: Changing symbols; Popup windows; Catalog &  Search windows
  • Finding information, Bookmarks; Identify; Find; Selection tools; Measure tools
  • Spatial & non spatial tables; Table management; Table joins & relates; Summary tables; Graphs
  • Basemap layers; Symbol search; Display symbols using attribute table values; Layer files
  • Create labels; Convert labels to annotation; Map annotation
  • Selection tools; Select by attribute; Select by location; Select by graphic
  • Spatial reference; Create a feature class; Create a Shapefile; Create points from coordinates
  • Start an edit session; Editing  templates; Create features window; Perform basic edits;
  • Map output; Layouts; Insert elements; Output options; Templates