ArcGIS 1 - Fundamentals of ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop

Product: ArcGIS for Desktop
Training Type: Scheduled Training
Software Version: V10, V10.1 & V10.2
Duration: 2 Days

This two day course will introduce you to ArcGIS Desktop. It is the first of 3 courses designed to give the user a solid foundation in using ArcGIS Desktop. This course will introduce you to the main functions of ArcMap. This includes the creation and manipulation of a map document, basic geographic data management, selection and analysis of data and creation of a map for output. If resources allow you will also be introduced to ArcGIS Online and create an online map. The course uses a combination of lectures, demonstrations and exercises that you will work through over the 2 days. You will be provided with the data and exercises so that you can work through again them in your own time.

 ♦It would be highly beneficial if you follow this course with ArcGIS 2 - Essentials of ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop as this course will only introduce you to the basic concepts/functions. ArcGIS 1 and ArcGIS 2 are complimentary courses and to achieve a good level of ArcGIS skills/knowledge you need to attend both courses. ArcGIS 2 will build on this basic knowledge and introduce you to more tools and functions including the analysis tools.♦