Managed Services

A managed service is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management and support responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving business operations while at the same time reducing costs.

We provide a managed services offering for geospatial environments and infrastructures that can be configured and scaled to suit your requirements.  We provide this service for on-premise environments, off-premise environments (cloud) or hybrid environments, as required.

Managed Service Offerings

Our managed service can be customised and configured to provide for all or any combination of the following services:

  • The ArcGIS Platform deployed on your internal ICT infrastructure (on-premise)
  • The ArcGIS Platform deployed on our private Cloud infrastructure (off-premise)
  • The ArcGIS Platform deployed across both infrastructures in a hybrid mode
  • Proactive Monitoring and preventative maintenance on your geospatial infrastructure
    • Automated Monitoring;
    • Operating System and RDBMS Server checks;
    • Security – control over access to Databases, Services and applications
    • Nightly backups and storage of data transactional data
    • Monthly applications and data backups;
    • Quarterly physical backups
    • Monthly Disaster Recovery Snapshots
    • Ad Hoc Monitoring services and issue investigate
    • Change control processes.
    • Core product technical support and software upgrades
    • Application support for any of your Esri based geospatial applications
    • Proactive data management and spatial database maintenance
    • Part time or Full time onsite resource allocation


Our managed service offerings provide the following benefits:

  • Helps you control costs and provide for a predictable expenditure
  • Increases efficiency, service levels & competitiveness through a better, more flexible, dependable and scalable geospatial services infrastructure
  • Helps you deal with increasingly complex IT solutions by future proofing services and quickly implementing new best of breed technologies
  • Provides a cost effective disaster recovery and business continuity platform
  • Provides access to trained, experienced, qualified and certified expertise

Managed/Hosted Services

We understand that good geospatial skills and expertise is hard to find at an affordable price. As a result we have seen a trend within our enterprise customer base towards outsourcing of services on a continuum ranging from the simple hosting of your data and/or applications through to a full managed service. Talk to us today about how we may be able reduce the costs of operating, managing and maintaining your geospatial enterprise.

Technical/Application Support

Application support gives you the peace of mind that if anything breaks within your geospatial application we will fix it. Application support is in effect your insurance policy against application defects and provides for ongoing support of your end users. We provide this service as either as a standalone application support contract for a specified application or as an integral part of a full blown managed service provision.

Onsite Resources

In recent years our customers have started to indicate a preference for skilled resources to be provisioned directly to them, where their place of work is at the customer’s premises. We provide this service as either as a standalone onsite engagement for a specified resource or embedded within a full blown managed service as appropriate. We guarantee to match the skills & expertise of the proposed resources to your requirements and provision them at an affordable price that is in line with the term required.

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