Packaged Services

Based on our experience delivering professional services projects, we have developed a comprehensive range of pre-defined packaged service offerings which are designed to offer a combination of software, and/or services, tailored to achieve a specific scope of work. This enables us to provide a flexible menu from which customers can choose an offering which best suits their needs at a particular time.

All of our packaged services have been designed to help you maximise your investment in our technology.  They are specific, targeted and high impact and provide the following benefits:

  • Each packaged service is fixed price with a well-defined scope
  • Each packaged service provides proactive technical guidance and advice
  • Each packaged service  is designed to help you maximise/optimise your investment in our technology
  • Each packaged service is designed to help drive further and broader adoption of geospatial applications within and across your organisation
  • Each packaged service is designed to help you build or enhance your own capabilities and competencies


We categorise our packaged services into three distinct areas; Software Install Kits; Quick Start Launch Kits and a number of packaged professional services engagements.

Install Kits

Based on our many years of experience of working with our software products we have developed best practice approaches to ensuring our core desktop, server and portal products are installed, setup and configures efficiently and effectively for you.

Launch Kits

Our suite of launch kits take you beyond the simple install, setup and configuration of the products. Launch kits have been designed to help you get the most out your investment by packaging services that will help you to quickly realise some early deliverables within the product environment.

Packaged Services

Based on our experience and an internal assessment of customer needs we have identified a number of common processes and procedures in a number of enterprise areas that we have packaged up into clearly defined work packages.

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