Missed our story maps webinar? It's now available for download.

Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar Tuesday 18th of February covering the topic "How to create a story map using ArcGIS online" 

During this webinar we ran through the steps of creating an effective Story map through images and videos in ArcGIS Online using the Map Tour template. 

Additionally the webinar showed how to structure your data and how to add images and videos through Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or from a csv file to create a Story Map in ArcGIS Online using the Map Tour template. 

The webinar also looked at all the new features and functionality that have recently been added to ArcGIS Online from the latest release and what new functionality is coming in the March 2014 release. 

These included map viewer improvements, web application improvements, updates to ready to use layers and tools, ArcGIS Online account, analysis and network analysis improvements, (Live traffic data). 

View the webinar here.