Unleash the full power of FME Services with Esri Ireland and Pinpoint Alerts Strategic Partnership

Esri Ireland and PinPoint Alerts Ltd are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership to jointly bring FME services to the Irish GIS marketplace. Our objective is to combine the strengths of our two companies and our two technologies to better serve our joint Customers and others. 

FME Desktop and FME Server are enterprise class technologies for data transformation and integration. ArcGIS is the leading platform for spatial data creation, storage, visualisation and analysis. The two technologies have had a long and fruitful association. SAFE Software FME technology is embedded in Esri’s Data Interoperability Extension on both Desktop and Server and is widely used to extend the number of data formats that can be handled natively by ArcGIS. 

Commenting on the partnership, Eamonn Doyle, CTO Esri Ireland said, “Users of ArcGIS are well aware of the strengths of FME for data extract, transform and load. At Esri Ireland we commonly use FME on large projects as a tool to integrate 3rd Party systems with ArcGIS. This partnership will allow us to bring the knowledge and skills of PinPoint Alerts to bear when building such integrations.” 

Brendan Cunningham, MD of PinPoint Alerts commented, “Many people use FME successfully for data translation but we see an opportunity for more automation in systems integration whereby FME can act as a broker between system components in an enterprise information architecture. Because most of our FME Users are also ArcGIS Users this partnership seemed like a natural fit for us”.  

Esri Ireland and PinPoint Alerts will now be developing Service Packages to cover Customer requirements including, data audit, FME WorkBench development, FME OneToOne Training and Consultancy and FME Automation.