Corr & Associates improves its competitiveness with ArcGIS investment

A private planning practice, Corr & Associates, has purchased Esri’s ArcGIS software to enhance the quality of its services and enable it to compete more strongly with other planning consultancies in Ireland. The firm has also received professional training from Esri Ireland, which will help it to maximise the value it gains from its investment in ArcGIS. 

Corr & Associates intends to use ArcGIS to gain improved insight into the many factors that can influence decisions in the production of development masterplans and local area plans. It anticipates that the solution will be particularly beneficial for considering the implications of environmental legislation and providing quality advice to its public and private sector clients. Already, the practice has used ArcGIS to analyse the availability of childcare places and provide evidence of the viability of a planned new childcare facility. 

“Purchasing new business software can be a tough decision for small businesses, particularly in a country recovering from economic recession,” says business owner Joseph Corr. “However, I knew that ArcGIS would add value for my practice and put me ahead of the curve in terms of competing with other planning consultancies. I tried out an open source GIS package, but I wasn't confident that it could do the job I needed it to do. Esri Ireland gives me a quality product and professional support.” 

Corr had used ArcGIS before, as part of his MSc course in spatial planning and during a public sector planning project in Lesotho in Africa. To refresh his memory of the product, as well as develop new skills, he attended two standard training courses organised by Esri Ireland. “The training courses were immensely important,” he says. “They really enhanced my knowledge, and I will now be able to use ArcGIS to its full potential within my business.”