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Spreadsheets and graphs make data come alive and reveal a story that impacts decision making. Now, use maps to see the story from another perspective. ArcGIS Maps for Office gives you the power to ask location-related questions of your data, get new insights, and make smarter decisions.

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Map Your Data to See What It’s Trying to Tell You

Spreadsheets, bar charts, and graphs help tell a story, but you can add a new perspective when you analyze your data on a map inside Excel. Extract maximum value by analyzing your data from all angles.


Gain Critical Insights that You’ve Been Missing

What you don’t know can affect you more than what you do. Your data has more to tell you. Looking at it on a map can tell a dramatically different story than looking at it in a spreadsheet or graph.

Sync and Share Your Work

Sync and Share Your Work

Share your work securely and widely with people you choose. Give them instant access to the latest, most reliable data insights. Just sync your maps to the ArcGIS platform and let it take care of the rest.

Present your Stories More Effectively

Your PowerPoint presentations never looked so good, and neither have you. Tell your story with map-based presentations. Wow your audience as you walk them through key locations. Instantly drill down into the map to answer questions on the spot.

Present your Stories More Effectively

How It Works

start with your data

Start with Your Data

Choose a Map Style

Choose a Map Style

See New Patterns

See New Patterns

Gain Better Understanding

Gain Better Understanding

Choose a Map Style

Tell Your Story

Check Out Who's Using it

Check Out Who's Using it

“The beauty of ArcGIS Maps for Office is that it puts powerful, user-friendly tools and data into the hands of data analysts.”

James Hibbard, Marketsource

Read the Story

Who’s Buying Your Products?

To identify customers, many product manufacturers are turning to location-based data. A recent Harvard Business Review article reported the use of “increasingly granular data, from detailed demographics and psychographics” including age, gender, address, income, and lifestyle.

“You’d be surprised how often a product manufacturer discovers that unexpected consumer groups are accounting for more purchases,” says James Hibbard, an expert in location intelligence and GIS manager for MarketSource.

MarketSource, a proven alternative to sales outsourcing, provides comprehensive solutions for the entire sales ecosystem. Hibbard uses data and maps to help MarketSource’s Fortune 500 clients determine who is actually buying at the retail level. One of the tools Hibbard relies on is ArcGIS Maps for Office.

“The beauty of ArcGIS Maps for Office is that it puts powerful, user-friendly tools and data into the hands of data analysts,” Hibbard said. “For data analysts who don’t have access to the types of enterprise GIS tools my team uses, ArcGIS Maps for Office becomes a user-friendly option.”

Hibbard explained how some MarketSource clients use ArcGIS Maps for Office. “They can take an Excel list of retail locations that includes unit sales per location and enrich it with Esri’s demographic and consumer data,” he said. “Then they run correlations and find strong clues about which factors suggest sales success.”

Be Part of Something Big

ArcGIS Maps for Office uses the power of the ArcGIS mapping platform to enable Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint users worldwide to leverage location-based analysis. Work with data stored on ArcGIS Online or behind the firewall in ArcGIS for Server, and securely access, publish, and share maps and data.

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