Central Government: Reducing Costs

The majority of UK Government Departments rely on Esri UK solutions to help put their data and operations in a geographical context – making abstract problems concrete, improving decision-making and optimising service delivery.

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Forestry Commission Case Study

With disparate areas of responsibility, from forest development to timber production, accurate forecasting and data management are key to improving efficiencies.

A centralised geodatabase enables spatial data to be shared across the organisation.

The Forestry Commission's GIS can meet government objectives by service sharing, adherence to complex regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies can be realised.

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Crown Estates Case Study

The Crown Estate worked in partnership with Esri UK to develop a sophisticated Marine Resource System (MaRS), housing 450 national datasets and delivering one of the most comprehensive GIS data sources within the UK.

The information now available in MaRS shows how the UK is one of the most attractive prospects for offshore wind development which is great for both our economy and providing us with new sources of energy.

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Scottish Natural Heritage Case Study

Scottish Natural Heritage decided to develop an interactive mapping service, providing a wide range of information such as facts about wildlife, planning a trip to a National Nature Reserve and information about sites of Special Scientific Interest.

ArcGIS Server with Flex was deployed, and within a matter of hours a proof of concept web-based mapping application with the desired look and feel was created.

Customers can easily find information for themselves on the website and every month, there are 3,000 visitors to the site, helping SNH to achieve their goals of openness and value for money for the people of Scotland.

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