Central Government: Innovation & Collaboration

Today, Esri solutions are helping UK Government to manage the natural and man-made environment by integrating data and enabling cross-departmental working, delivering better outcomes for citizens.

Esri tools are also used to analyse demographic data of every kind, enabling policy analysts to identify areas of need, compare policy options and measure policy impact in a highly localised way.

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Assessing Regional Changes in Habitat (ARCH) Case Study

Read how using ArcGIS, the EU funded, Assessing Regional Changes in Habitat (ARCH), survey data is shared with large numbers of organisations and individuals on both sides of the Channel.


Ipswich Hospital Case Study

With over 75,000 emergency department attendances a year, IHT faces tough challenges in managing the demand for its services. IHT implemented a feasibility programme to assess how location analysis and actuarial analysis, working together, could provide insight into demand management. Working with an actuarial services provider, Esri UK delivered the location analytics solution to turn this vision into a reality.

The solution provides IHT with insight from Esri’s geographical information systems (GIS) and location analytics technology and high-quality clinical and financial data analysis.

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British Geology Survey Case Study

The BGS broke ground in the field of mobile GIS, becoming one of the first organisations in the UK to develop free GIS apps for smart phones.

The GIS apps and web-based GIS services make it easier for people to discover and use geological data. Now organisations can access the most up-to-date data straight away by ‘self-serving’ from the Internet.

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Canal and River Trust Case Study

To meet the needs of its contractors as quickly and easily as possible, the Trust decided to utilise Esri’s ArcGIS Online solution, implemented with a JumpStart programme from Esri UK.

Following the launch of the ArcGIS Online solution, contractors gained 24/7 access to up-to-date data about the canals and rivers of England and Wales. This improvement in the availability of information could ultimately help to improve health and safety for contractors.

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Energy Saving Trust Case Study

The Energy Saving Trust engaged Esri UK’s partner Assimil8 to integrate GIS into its existing IBM business intelligence system using Esri Maps for IBM Cognos.

With this GIS portal, the organisation and its many partners can now perform complex searches to find, for example, houses over a certain age, in a specific city, with unfilled walls and occupants on low income, to identify precisely those households that might qualify for funding for insulation. The Energy Saving Trust’s Home Analytics solution enables organisations to target the right homes and the right people with the most appropriate energy efficiency schemes. 

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