Architecture, Engineering and Construction Solutions: facilities, data & asset management

Major architecture, engineering and construction companies use our location-analytics solutions to deliver safer, simpler and time aware collaborative project planning and construction logistics.

Facilities Management

Facilities managers are increasingly incorporating GIS into their IT toolbox throughout the life cycle of a facility, from site selection to sustainability. By geo-enabling the FM approach managers can better support the following business processes for better decisions based on authoritative information:

  • Base and campus planning.
  • Real estate portfolio management.
  • Space planning.
  • Security and Compliance.

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Facilities management

Data management

Data Management

Work on large programmes involves extensive revisions and the need to integrate data from a variety of sources. In addition data needs to be distributed and reviewed in a secure environment, with effective version control and role specific security. The time and date on which the information was created is often needed to validate revisions to the planned programme plan or financial assumptions.

Integrating survey data into a central GIS enabled database makes it easy to manage, analyse, share and re-use data with clients and partners resulting in cost and time savings.

Asset Management

Management of buildings and infrastructure assets becomes much easier with location as a common reference. The Asset Manager needs to analyse portfolios and allocate capital to achieve an effective balance of risk, maximise return on investment and ensure compliance with legislation.

  • Identify low performing and costly assets, reduce disruptions and improve safety.
  • Store the location of properties, boundary lines and local transport routes.
  • Minimise the time taken to maintain and complete property inspections
  • Share information internally and with third parties to ensure timely response to issues.
  • Relay accurate up to date information from the field back to the office

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