Architecture, Engineering and Construction Solutions

Major architecture, engineering and construction companies use our location-analytics solutions to deliver safer, simpler and time-aware collaborative project planning and construction logistics.

Transforming the development lifecycle

To work successfully, Design-Build-Operate-Maintain programmes call for effective integration of information used during the design and construction phase into procurement activity and subsequently the operational of the asset.

In addition to detailed knowledge of the project design and the materials utilised, the ability to locate wiring, ducts, electrical equipment depends on effective information sharing to enable the team to develop a tailored maintenance plan that anticipates and addresses needs as they occur, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership of an asset.

Increasingly GIS is being used alongside CAD drawings and document management systems to improve handovers between partners and to streamline information sharing.

AEC Spatial Collaboration Solution from Esri UK and GeoEnable

Find out how you can make better informed decisions, reduce costs and de-risk your project with our AEC platform.

Schiphol Airport Case Study

Read how Schiphol Airport, one of Europe’s busiest airports, approached Esri to develop a simple and easy-to-use asset management system that would provide a clear view of all assets, keeping information up-to-date, accurate and complete.