Sustaining The Environment

Esri Ireland is firmly committed to minimising its environmental impact by managing all of aspects of its operations.

Being Green


  • Esri Ireland actively promotes the government "Cycle to Work" scheme. 
  • Esri Ireland encourages the use of systems such as teleconferencing as an alternative to travelling and regularly reviews the issue of energy use from all transport choices. 
  • Esri Ireland operate a pool car system for company travel and company cars are low emission.


  • Every opportunity is taken to reuse and recycle waste wherever practical. Recycling points are distributed throughout the Company's offices, there are areas for the collection of paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, CDs, printer cartridges and aluminium drink containers. 
  • Our drink dispensers use recyclable cups. 
  • Employees recycle teabags and coffee grinds which is taken for domestic compost heaps.
  • We print literture from sustainable paper stock and all photo-copy paper is 100% recycled.
  • We offer customers a choice of soft or hard copies of marketing literature and there is an increasing use of e-Marketing versus printed approach. The replacement of newsletters and notices with intranet information has reduced the Company's consumption of paper.

In the Offices

  • All buildings are monitored to achieve energy efficiency; this includes the regular servicing of heating equiptment on all Company sites. 
  • Where possible, temperature controls are in place to ensure an efficient temperature is maintained.. 
  • We use a computerised energy management system which automatically turns off all lights at pre-set times.
  • Low radiation and energy saving monitors are a Company standard.
  • We decommission and dispose of computers in an environmentally friendly manner.